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The Court has created a Bail schedule that sets a reasonable amount for each crime but in the end it is up to the Court.
* Does not apply if you are on parole or probation

Yes in most cases they will find a reason to lawfully search your car; however if you give them permission to search, then you lose the ability to challenge the search in Court. So while you cannot stop them from searching, say no if they ask and do not let them intimidate you into giving permission. Remember they can lie to you.*

You will just make things a lot worse. It would be a huge mistake that will result in additional and often more serious charges and possibly physical injury to you.

Follow their commands and do not resist. If they want you to answer questions, tell them you want an attorney. This is the single most important thing to remember. An officer is not your friend. They do not want to help you. When they make an arrest the only thing they are committed to is getting evidence to convict you.

Don’t be fooled! Often enough, they can tell you this to get you to start talking. DON’T!

Yes. It’s legal for them to lie and tell you such things as: they have DNA, fingerprints, video footage, or your friend who was with you already told them you did it. In the event police use such tactics, you should remain calm and QUIET!

IMPORTANT: Politely ask them to stay outside of your door. Do not let them in your house.*

You have no choice but to let them in. Be polite. Do not fight or argue with them.

Never, never, never answer questions without an attorney. Never!



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