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Fresno Law Men is a law firm specializing in criminal law, in Fresno, California. At Lawmen, we work with a broad network of skilled criminal defense attorneys to fight aggressively and make sure that our clients are protected at every stage of the charge. We have the skill and experience necessary to craft effective legal arguments in support of an appeal from any criminal conviction to provide you with a strong and effective defense. As necessary, we will challenge any evidence obtained outside of the proper protocols, enabling us to provide you with a strong and effective defense.










We are a full service, general practice law firm, but we specialize in the areas of Criminal Defense and Injury.


Appellate courts have completely different policy requirements and procedure rules than those in the trial courts. There are important time limitations that must be complied with or a person may lose their right to appeal their case. Many attorneys are not familiar with the procedures of the appellate practice…read more

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Auto Theft

Auto theft, also known as motor vehicle theft, is sometimes referred to by police agencies as grand theft auto. It is usually used in reference to the theft of noncommercial passenger automobiles (cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles and more)…read more

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California law recognizes two types of burglary: first-degree and second-degree. First-degree is any burglary of a currently inhabited dwelling. This means that the property was used as a place to live at the time of the burglary. Properties abandoned due to a natural disaster or local emergency is also considered as a currently inhabited property…read more

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are taken very seriously in California and under its law, authorities are virtually always required to arrest anybody who may be accused of such a crime, whether they are guilty or not. Since domestic violence and spousal abuse cases continue to crowd the criminal courts, convictions in these cases can lead to extremely strict penalties. Many times these domestic violence claims are valid, but we also know that others are overstated or filed by someone who may be vindictive…read more

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Administrative Driver Motor Vehicle (DMV) Hearings

The DMV is a department that hears its own cases and renders its own decisions. It is a state agency that is not obligated to follow court rulings or rules so it can suspend and/or revoke your license depending on its own investigation no matter what the trial court’s decision is…read more

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California has increasingly authorized tougher DUI penalties over the past decade due to improved awareness about the bevy of negative circumstances that could arise from drunk driving. The rise in the number of activist groups has caused politicians, law-enforcement officials, and judges to make a more determined effort to lock down DUI convictions. Therefore, it is important for you to contact an experienced DUI attorney, such as The Law Men, in order to receive your deserved fair trial…read more

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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in California involve the possession, manufacturing, sale, transporting, money laundering, drug trafficking, and distributing an unlawful narcotic. Drug offenses are the unlawful use or possession of the following narcotics: marijuana, cocaine in its base form (crack), methamphetamine (speed), heroin, LSD, cocaine, PCP, ecstasy, as well as unauthorized use, possession or sale of prescription drugs such as Vicodin or Oxycontin…read more

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Felony Assault

Classifications for misdemeanors and felonies vary state by state. The difference between a felony assault and a misdemeanor assault usually involves the severity of the injuries inflicted on the victim, as well as the circumstances under which the alleged assault occurs…read more

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Gang Crimes

A gang is a group of three or more individuals who engage in criminal activity and identify themselves with a common name or sign. Most gang members have identifying characteristics unique to their specific gang. Tattoos are one common identifier and help a gang member not only help them gain respect within their group but also will mark them as members for life…read more

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Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes are those committed by people under the age of 18. The two significant differences between juveniles and adults are as follows:
– Juveniles are generally not entitled to undergo a trial by jury
– Juveniles are not allowed to be discharged on bail
Crimes are categorized according to the violence and intensity of the case…read more

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Manslaughter crimes are steadily increasing in number and many cases are still left unresolved. California criminal defense firms have distinct strategies in working these particular cases. Fortunately, there are various law firms that have proven their worth in the industry of criminal defense…read more

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The two most serious penalties murder can carry is life in prison and the death penalty. There are many different types of homicides and each requires knowing an enormous amount of technical and complex information. Therefore, it is imperative to immediately get a licensed criminal defense lawyer who specializes in these cases…read more

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Robbery is taking something from a person and using force, or the threat of force, without the owner’s consent. Being robbed can be a frightening and a traumatizing experience. If you are harmed in some way as a result of a violent act …read more

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Sex Crimes

One of the most serious accusations that can cause immense hardships to those accused is a sex crime. Not only does it rob them of their dreams and ambitions, but also their right to lead a peaceful and tranquil life. From personal to professional, the implications of such an accusation are many…read more

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Weapons Crimes

If you are searching for superb criminal representation, The Law Men are an elite choice of professional, proactive lawyers. They have the expertise to effectively and efficiently use legal defensive strategies for those who have been charged with weapon … read more

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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes refer to illicit activities committed by entrepreneurs, professionals, business people, and public officials. They do this through deception, which usually takes place in a commercial setting to obtain financial gain…read more

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We are a full service, general practice law firm, but we specialize in defending cases related to Criminal Defense and DUI/DWI Charges in California.



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