Disastrous Consequences of DUI Convictions: Evidence from Real-Life Stories -



Disastrous Consequences of DUI Convictions: Evidence from Real-Life Stories

Disastrous Consequences of DUI Convictions: Evidence from Real-Life Stories


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Being charged with DUI may not seem like a big deal to many people. However, as the following stories show, a DUI conviction can have disastrous consequences:

Stormy Keffeler

As Miss Washington USA 2016, Stormy Keffleler (23) had a bright future ahead of her. However, one small mistake brought her whole career crashing down. Last April, Miss Keffeler was convicted of DUI, a felony she neglected to mention while running for the pageant. When the pageant officials found out about the offence, the reigning beauty queen was forced to relinquish her title to the runner-up, Kelsey Schmidt.

Keffeler’s tests revealed that her blood alcohol content was three times the authorized limit. According to a police report, she swayed and stumbled as she exited her car and her eyes were droopy and bloodshot. She then failed to disclose her DUI conviction as she ran in the pageant. This was the mistake that would cost her the crown.

The competition’s rules clearly required contestants to reveal all criminal charges, if any, on their public record. Failure to do so went against this basic ruling, with the result that Keffeler was forced to relinquish her title. It’s interesting to note that she lost her position not because she committed a criminal offence, but because she neglected to disclose the conviction.

The lesson to be learnt here is never to take a DUI arrest lightly. As Keffeler found out the hard way, the consequences of such an offence can go far beyond a simple fine or a license revocation by the DMV Fresno.

Juan Pablo Garcia

Juan Pablo Garcia (22) is a former Uber driver who was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. That fateful New Year’s Day, Garcia picked up a teenager, Arlene Mendez, 19, who had been looking for a ride. Mendez later reported that Garcia gave off an uncomfortable vibe from the very beginning. Her fear spiked when Garcia speeded up, going up to 80 mph on the main streets. She called out to Garcia to slow down, but he paid no heed to her protests.

Matters came to a head when Garcia rammed his car right into another vehicle. The car overturned upon collision, but fortunately, Mendez got out relatively unscathed. Unfortunately for Garcia, however, his poor driving cost him dearly. He was arrested for DUI and lost his eligibility as an Uber driver. Penalized under California Vehicle Code 23152, he faces up to six months of jail time and a heavy fine of up to $2,000.

Garcia’s case is an eye-opening one. It shows how a poor decision on part of an intoxicated driver can lead to devastating consequences. His best option now is to hire a capable and competent Fresno DUI attorney who can fight to turn the case in his favor.

Patricia Ebel

Last April, Patricia Ebel (49) drove out on the streets of Naples, Florida, in a severely intoxicated state. Her erratic driving caught the attention of the police, who arrested her for DUI. Ebel’s tests showed blood alcohol concentration levels over .15. What was worse, she had decided to bring along her underage grandson (10) for the ride.

All things considered, Ebel was let off rather lightly. She was charged with a year’s probation, along with a warning from the presiding judge to lay off alcohol. However, she made an even graver mistake when she failed the breathalyzer test administered as part of her probation. She was arrested and remains today in jail pending her court case.

The moral? Never take a DUI conviction lightly. The above stories are proof enough that DUI can have a severe impact on your private and professional life. If you find yourself charged with DUI, your first step should be to get in touch with a proficient attorney. At Fresno Law Men, we are experienced at fighting DUI cases at DMV Madera CA and DMV Fresno, so get in touch with us for assistance today!

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