Fight Your DUI Cases in 2016 with Expert Attorney Advice -



Fight Your DUI Cases in 2016 with Expert Attorney Advice

Fight Your DUI Cases in 2016 with Expert Attorney Advice



Getting caught for driving under the influence (DUI) is perhaps one of the most common cases to come across. It is especially on the rise around the New Year with all the parties and celebrations. However, no matter what time of the year you’re indulging in alcohol, it is always better to be prepared instead ending up in jail!

Here’s what you need to know about DUI charges in California:

Stage 1: DUI Charges at Fresno DMV

After you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is very likely that you will receive a license suspension. However, the duration of suspension will depend on your individual case. If you have a DUI history, be ready to face a license suspension of up to 3 years. Otherwise, it will still be a minimum of 4 months.

To avoid getting into a lot of trouble, make an attempt to find an easy way out by hiring a lawyer. It is important that such a lawyer is a DUI defense specialist if you are not looking to take any chances.

Stage 2: Alcohol Test for DMV Madera CA

Alcohol tests are usually the basis of your conviction. According to the law in California, anyone found with an alcohol blood level of 0.08% or more is categorized as drunk. Thus, there are a number of tests that may be conducted. Remember that you are not bound by law to take any sobriety test that is portable and performed on field.

Moreover, you have the choice of opting for a blood test or a breath test. A good lawyer will always advise you to go with the breath test as it is less reliable than the blood test.

Stage 3: Seriousness of Charges

No matter how grave the charges or how hard the proof, there are always potential justification that you can present to minimize the resultant punishment given by the court. The most common way is to challenge the accuracy or reliability of the alcohol test. The equipment could be claimed to be faulty or the clumsy execution of the test could become a possible explanation of the result.

A smart lawyer also has the capability of coming up with possible reasons that can help minimize the license suspension period. To understand your options, contact Daljit Rakkar of Fresno Law Men, who is a certified attorney listed at the California Bar Association. His years of services have turned him into a veteran and he is an expert at DUI cases.

Stage 4: Plan of Action at DMV Fresno Hearings

A hearing is the last stage of a DUI case which determines the sentence meted out. However, it does not have to be a grave affair. If you hire an exceptional attorney, chances are you might not even have to show your face to the court. However, it may become mandatory if the drunk driving resulted in an accident that caused major injury or death.

Fresno DUI Attorney at your Service

Drunk driving charges and conviction can have quite a few consequences, not just on your personal life but also your insurance policy. A suspended license means you cannot drive around as freely as before, which may hinder your earning capacity. Moreover, once convicted of drunk driving, your insurance company may raise the rate of insurance as you become a less reliable driver.

It is imperative that you aware of your rights in order to get out of any situation. Thus, hiring an attorney is the smart thing to do. Even if they cannot get you out of the situation completely, they know of ways in which your punishment is reduced as much as possible.

To get help, feel free to contact Fresno Law Men any time. We will ensure your queries are dealt with properly and you feel empowered with the knowledge that can help you defend yourself better!

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