Impact of Criminal History on DUI Arrest Cases -



Impact of Criminal History on DUI Arrest Cases

Impact of Criminal History on DUI Arrest Cases



It is always a scary experience to be arrested for DUI (driving under the influence). But the matter is even more serious if the arrestee has a prior criminal record. It is very important to understand the critical role your criminal history plays in your DUI arrest case. Being armed with such knowledge may help people with criminal records avoid serious jail times.

There are many ways in which your criminal history can impact your ongoing DUI case at the DMV Fresno. If you have been arrested for DUI before, this is counted as a black mark against you and can land you in serious punishment. If your previous conviction was for a different crime, it may still affect your case negatively.

Impact of a Prior DUI Record on Sentencing

If you are accused of DUI and your record shows prior conviction(s) of DUI, your charges may be very serious and you may be declared unfit to drive for a certain period, or even face a jail sentence. The state of California is very severe in dealing out punishments for cases related to DUI.

If this is your first DUI offence, you may be punished with up to six months of jail time and/or a fine of $1,000. However, if you have been convicted of DUI in the past, your current offence will be treated with far greater severity. You may be charged as a felon under California state law Penal Code 23550.

Under such a conviction, the punishment is harsher, with two or three years of jail time and/or an additional fine of $1,000, depending upon your individual case. You may need the services of an experienced Fresno DUI attorney to help defend your case with the DMV Madera CA.

How Can Prior Criminal Convictions Affect Your Case?

If you have a criminal record for offences other than DUI, it may not affect your ongoing DUI conviction case directly. However, it can have an indirect impact in that the prosecutors know about your criminal history and can use it as a tool to reinforce their case against you. However, if you have hired a capable and efficient attorney who will fight your case in court, you can benefit from a lighter sentence.

Few DUI offences end up as serious cases; most arrests made by the Fresno DMV are settled out of court. However, in case your arrest makes it to court, your past criminal record may be used by the prosecution to paint you as a felon who cannot be trusted to drive. It may give prosecutors the ammunition they need to seek a serious penalty against you.

This makes it even more imperative for you to employ an expert DUI lawyer who can persuade the judge and jury to decide the case in your favor.

How DMV Fresno and DMV Madera CA Attorneys Can Help You

Given how serious a prior criminal conviction may prove to be for your DUI arrest, it is very important to call in a skilled and competent attorney who can fight your case and secure an acquittal for you. Given the seriousness of the case, a trained lawyer may be all that stands between you and an extended jail sentence.

If you have been arrested for DUI, your first act should be to contact a proficient attorney who has had prior experience in handling DUI cases and can plan a failsafe defense strategy to help you win the case. At Fresno Law Men, we have the experience and expertise to help you through DUI cases, so get in touch with us today!

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