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Manslaughter Crime

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Manslaughter crimes are steadily increasing in number and many cases are still left unresolved. California criminal defense firms have distinct strategies in working these particular cases. Fortunately, there are various law firms that have proven their worth in the industry of criminal defense. One of them is The Law Men serving Fresno and other areas in California for more than 20 years. When it comes to manslaughter criminal cases, The Law Men will confidently and fully investigate the case to unveil all the conc truth of the crime. Find out how this law firm can help you all throughout the process.

The Law Men have the legal skills to aggressively defend your constitutional rights. Their legal defense team’s top priority is to obtain freedom, get the charges greatly reduced and to provide the accused with a knowledgeable perspective.

What is Manslaughter

Manslaughter refers to the crime of killing a human without prior planning and premeditation. Manslaughter is divided into the following 3 categories:

  • Voluntary manslaughter – not planned, based on the person’s state of mind and mitigating factors. This crime is intentional.
  • Involuntary manslaughter – where a reasonable person disregards the safety of others and places them in danger which may cause them serious harm or death. This crime is unintentional.
  • Vehicular manslaughter – death results from negligent or reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Usually drugs or alcohol is involved

Penalties that may be charged for manslaughter include:

  • Revocation of the driver’s license
  • Harsh fines
  • State prison or county jail sentence
  • Probation
  • A ‘Strike” on the criminal record the rest of t life

These law professionals are fully aware that manslaughter cases are extremely emotional and difficult to all parties involved. For this reason, they are sensitive to their client’s needs. and work judiciously to ensure their clients will obtain the justice they deserve. takes pride of its lawyers who thoroughly investigate every aspect of manslaughter cases. These usually involve:

  • Retaining the accident reconstruction professional;
  • Medical record examination; and
  • Interviewing witnesses

Protect Your Rights and Obtain the Justice You Deserve

If you have been accused of manslaughter, remain silent and call The Law Men for the best knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Call this law firm and speak with its best criminal lawyers to start working on your case.

The combined experience of these attorneys will ensure that you make informed decisions. This criminal defense firm has a tremendous extensive background experience with manslaughter cases. Protect your constitutional rights and visit