8 Mistakes That New Drivers Must Avoid -



8 Mistakes That New Drivers Must Avoid

8 Mistakes That New Drivers Must Avoid

Learning how to drive is an exciting feeling, and every new driver looks forward to getting behind the wheel as often as possible. However, it will not be until a few years down the line that they gain complete control of their car, and in their endeavor to ace driving, there are certain rather mistakes that most novice drivers tend to make.

These mistakes are more than just bad habits, since they can seriously threaten their own or other people’s lives. In fact, regulatory authorities like the DMV Madera CA have put down strict rules in this regard, and new drivers would do well to follow them unswervingly!

Here are some of the most common tips to keep in mind when you get behind the wheel:
  1. Distractions Are Dangerous – Whether it is trying to look at a map or GPS for directions or wanting to know who is driving the car in front of you, distractions can be dangerous and even fatal. Your mental state can also cause you to become distracted, which is extremely harmful and can easily lead to accidents.
  2. Keep Your Distance – The car in front of you is not to be trampled upon, so keep a safe distance from it, preferably enough to accommodate two cars in between. This will help avoid any potential accidents in case the car in front comes to an instant halt, especially when you don’t have the experience to anticipate it.
  3. Driving is Not a Race – Fast driving does offer thrills but it is one of the most immature and dangerous things new drivers can do. You can be fined for over-speeding as per rules set by DMV Fresno and you might not be able to control the car in case a situation requires quick action in response to an untoward incident.
  4. Use the Indicators – Indicators are used for your safety as well as for others. If the person driving behind you knows that you want to turn, he/she will have time to adjust the speed accordingly and allow you to comfortably take a turn without hitting your car.
  5. Drinking and Driving is a Bad Combo – This does not even need an explanation, and is considered a serious crime. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is dangerous for you and others, whether you are a novice or an expert. Fresno DMV is very particular about this and you get stiff penalties in case such a charge is proven.
  6. The Rolling Stop Can Be Trouble – This common phenomenon refers to the slowing down of drivers at stop signs, instead of bringing the car to a complete stop. This is not only wrong but dangerous too, because it can put the life of many pedestrians at risk when they’re crossing the road.
  7. Instant Hard Brakes Can Kill – Accelerating at a great speed and bringing the car to an instant halt is very dangerous. Firstly, it uses up way more fuel than required and accelerates its deterioration. Secondly, the probability of hitting the car in front increases manifold, and the car behind is in equal danger, because it will have to come to an unexpected, immediate stop which can be difficult at high speeds.
  8. The Phone Can Wait: Texting, listening to calls or any other way you are trying to use your phone while driving is nothing but obnoxious. Since you do not have as much of a grip as you might think you do, this can result in a really bad accident that damages your car and harms you and whoever you collide with.

In case you’re in trouble, call a Fresno DUI attorney who will help you resolve the issue in the best way possible. At the Fresno Law Men, we ensure that you get the most innovative and efficient legal assistance. Remember, life is precious. Do not risk it, and drive safe!

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