We often wonder why do minors commit crimes, i.e. in other words, how are such juvenile delinquents formed? It always remains a debate whether such juvenile delinquents need to be sympathized with or be punished. Well, in our opinion, a common approach, depending on the nature of crime committed is the best way to deal with such young offenders. We at Fresno Lawmen deal effectively with such delinquents and ensure that they get the best treatment possible.

Causes and conditions for development of juvenile offenders

There are a large number of factors which influence and have an impact on the young minds today. Some of these include:

  • Economic and social factors: Juvenile delinquency is often a result of the various negative consequences of social and economic development, in particular economic, financial crises, political instability etc.
  • Cultural factors: Cultures involving strict adherence to the norms are often the places where delinquent behaviours occur. As they say, it is just like a spring, the more you curb or press it, the higher is the effect.
  • Urbanization: It is a fact that countries having more urbanized populations tend to have higher registered crime rates in comparison to the ones with strong rural lifestyles and communities. This may occur due to the differences in social control and social cohesion.
  • Family: Families characterized by dysfunctional settings marked with conflict, inadequate parental control, weak internal linkages and lack of integration often give rise to maximum juvenile delinquents as compared to those families having strict parental influence or supervision.
  • Migration: The various differences in the norms and values and the varying degrees of acceptability of certain acts across different ethnic subcultures lead to cultural conflicts, which acts as one of the main sources resulting in criminal behaviour.
  • Media: The increasing dependence on television, movies and internet is more of a curse than a boon for the reason that it corrupts the young adolescent mind and plants negative ideas into them.
  • Exclusion: It all comes down to the wide gap between the rich and the poor today, leading to emergence of the “unwanted others”. The symbolic exclusion from the society today of such offending juveniles has brought about important implications for the development of delinquent ways and modes.
  • Peer influence: Last but not the least, the peer pressure and bad company on the gullible minds results into more and more juvenile crimes being committed today.

Fresno Lawmen advises every young parent to prevent such juvenile crimes from being committed by ensuring the following:

  • Keep them attached to their family and friends
  • Keep them occupied in extracurricular activities or school
  • Inculcate the basic beliefs or values in their minds

Why should you approach Fresno Lawmen?

Since we are dealing with children here, it becomes very important to make sure they do not get scared emotionally or are traumatized. Hence in order to avoid any such risk or trouble, it is best to hire a juvenile attorney who has specific experience at defending juveniles. Juvenile crimes are inevitable today and if you are one such parent whose child needs help, you can always come to us. We have a team of legal attorneys having the expertise in juvenile law and treatment. We at Fresno Lawmen have various criminal defense attorneys who work in the area of law dealing with criminal law involving juveniles. Our team specializing in juvenile law works closely with the offending juveniles as well as their families in order to make sure their legal rights are fully represented, and if need be, we ensure that such delinquents receive the adequate attention and rehabilitation that they are entitled to receive under the law. Our attorneys having the expertise understand the working and the law of the juvenile system and the juvenile court rules and procedures, which are vastly different from the courts in which the adult criminal offenders are tried.

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