Draft Regulations for Safe Deployment of Self-Driving Vehicles Released by the DMV -



Draft Regulations for Safe Deployment of Self-Driving Vehicles Released by the DMV

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  • February 18, 2016

Draft Regulations for Safe Deployment of Self-Driving Vehicles Released by the DMV

A draft highlighting regulations for autonomous vehicle deployment has been released by the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for public review. The draft represents the next major step in allowing for public operation of autonomous vehicles within the state of California in the near future.

What Do the Draft Requirements Cover?

According to the Director of DMV, Jean Shiomoto, these deployment regulations chiefly focus on the safety of self-driving vehicles and ensuring the safety of public on the roadways where these vehicles will be driven. The director further stated that the Department wanted to get public opinion on the draft before initiating the formal rules and regulations.

The draft regulations are geared towards sustained growth and advancement in the field of autonomous vehicle technology in the state of California. They are intended to address pressing concerns about vehicle safety, license and registration, operator responsibilities, cyber security, certification, and privacy.

Public workshops will be conducted in the near future to collect input and opinions from the car industry, the consumers, the public interest groups, as well as the public itself. This will help to improve the authenticity and quality of vehicular regulations that will be implemented in due course for the operation of autonomous vehicles.

We’ll look at some of the main facets of the DMV draft regulations below:
  • Manufacturer Accreditation/Third Party Testing Committee
    Auto manufacturers will be expected to comply with specific vehicle performance and safety requirements. They will need to obtain official certification of their compliance. Furthermore, a third party testing association will be formed to perform vehicle demonstration tests designed to provide independent performance and safety verification of the vehicles.
  • Officially Licensed Operators in Cars
    A fully licensed operator will need to be present inside each vehicle. The operator must be capable of taking charge in case of an emergency situation such as technology failure. Initially, no driverless cars will be deployed. The DMV will assess the unique performance, equipment and safety requirements related with fully automated cars in subsequent regulatory frameworks.
  • Deployment Permit of Three Years
    Car manufacturers will receive approval for a deployment permit lasting three years, under which they will provide regular reports on the usage, performance and safety concerns of autonomous vehicles. This draft permit is seen as a critical initial step geared towards the fulltime deployment of self-driving vehicles in the state of California.
  • Cyber-Security and Privacy Regulations
    The manufacturer is obligated to disclose any information beyond what is necessary to operate the vehicle safely. To collect the additional vehicular information, manufacturers will need to obtain DMV approval. To further ensure roadside safety, autonomous vehicles will be equipped with a self-diagnostic system that will detect and address unauthorized intrusions such as cyber attacks, alerting the operator to the privacy threat in the process.
What’s the Next Step?

Workshops will be organized by the DMV to invite the public to review and discuss the new draft regulations. The draft aims to ensure that self-driving technology is safely implemented for the convenience and betterment of the public. The regulations are designed to ensure operator as well as public safety on the roads. Moreover, they ensure manufacturer accountability in addressing the accompanying performance and usage concerns with autonomous vehicles.

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