Guide to Becoming a Better Driver In 2016 -



Guide to Becoming a Better Driver In 2016

Guide to Becoming a Better Driver In 2016

driver_car_transport_road_traffic_transportation_auto-5122016 is here, and it’s the perfect time to make some necessary changes in your life. New Year’s resolutions can be made at any time, provided you are committed to fulfilling them. There is no specific time for self-improvement, and if you haven’t already, make a resolution to do your part in keeping the roads safer for public driving starting today.

Not only will you be contributing to public safety, but you will also become a better driver in the process. Best of all, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of courting legal trouble with the DMV Fresno or the DMV Madera CA.

Here are some simple yet effective steps put together by the Fresno Law Men, to help you improve your driving skills this year:

  • Avoid getting distracted when you’re on the road

    This should be your first priority. Roadside distractions, such as texting while driving, may seem insignificant, but they can result in devastating accidents. Cellphones are a very big distraction, so ditch those while you drive. It’s against the law to use the phone when you get behind the wheel, for good reason.

    Music is another major diversion, and many drivers tend to fiddle with the radio as they drive, adjusting the volume, changing the stations, and getting thoroughly distracted in the process. So avoid paying attention to your radio unless you are at a stop signal.

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    If you didn’t know already, driving under influence (DUI) is a grave offence that can result not only in a revoked license, but serious jail time as well. Even if you have a medical prescription, it’s best not to take the risk of taking drugs before driving, as they can cloud your judgement and decision-making abilities.

    Driving while drunk or medicated can land you into deep trouble with the authorities, and you may be left scrambling to find a good Fresno DUI attorney. So plan ahead, and make sure you are 100% sober when you’re driving!

  • Be careful of oncoming and pedestrian traffic

    Make sure you are always cautious on the road and try to ensure others’ safety as well as your own. Keep a safe distance of at least three feet when passing cyclists; double check all blind spots when turning or merging; and always check intersections for passing pedestrians, especially during the evening.

    You are not the only one on the road; you are sharing the streets with countless others who may not be as careful as you, so it’s best that you remain alert and vigilant at all times.

  • Be mindful of traffic rules

    While roadside rules may seem needless at times, keep in mind they are designed for your safety. Many driving accidents occur because drivers become negligent of basic safety rules and decide to break them.

    To become a good driver, you need to make sure you’re always following these rules when you’re behind the wheel, regardless of the place or time:

    • Be mindful of blind spots, and always give proper indication when turning or reversing.
    • Stop your car at all stop signals, even if it seems like there’s no other traffic to worry about.
    • Maintain a safe speed and a safe distance from other cars. Avoid tailgating and make sure to double check the road for unexpected hazards like pedestrians or careless drivers.

These are the basic roadside rules that you can follow to become a better driver in 2016. It’s never too late to make a positive change that will benefit you as well as countless others. Roadside safety is critical in ensuring public welfare and, by playing your part, you can become an agent of change and betterment in society.

If you need further details or expert legal assistance, contact the Fresno Law Men right away. We are willing to help you with your queries anytime!

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