10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in California -



10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in California

10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in California

Criminal DefenseWhile there are many legal matters that you can handle on your own, like parking or speeding tickets, small claims courts and overdue fines, there are others for which you should definitely consult an experienced lawyer. DUI and criminal charges are prominent examples where a criminal defense attorney can help save you from a world of trouble.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should turn to a criminal defense lawyer in California:

  1. They Understand the Law Better than You – Let’s be honest here. You could spend a few years trying to understand the section of the law that applies to your case, as well as sub-sections and any changes over the years. An attorney, on the other hand, has invested those years already and keeps abreast with changes and modifications in the law too. Use their training to your benefit, since their education has prepared them for this battle better than you.
  2. They Understand Legal Procedures Better, Too – When you’re fighting any kind of legal case, there is a mountain of paperwork, proper legal procedures, court documents, deadlines and other stuff that can be very time-consuming and stressful to deal with on your own. Attorneys are well-versed with these, so they know what kind of documents you need to bring on a certain day, how to file a plea bargain correctly and much more, saving you the time and trouble.
  3. You could Save on Their Fees, but Lose Everything Else – When you don’t have an attorney representing you, there are a number of things that could go wrong. You might miss a deadline for submitting a crucial document, break down during a trial or end paying through your nose if you lose the case. Attorneys bring emotional detachment to court battles, can help you keep your job, finances and assets safe, as well as keep you out of jail, so call an expert if you need legal help.
  4. They Can Attempt to Get the Penalties Lowered – Even if you think the crime you’re charged with is not very serious, the penalties and sentences can range from jail time and house arrest to heavy fines, and of course, a criminal record. With an aggressive criminal Attorney defending you, you may be able to get a diversion, lowered or alternative sentence, which could allow you to enjoy your freedom and protect your job, family and assets.
  5. They Can Help You Achieve Fair Settlements or Plea Deals – When you’re fighting a criminal case, a settlement or plea bargain with the other side may sometimes be your best choice. If that’s necessary, an attorney with experience in pleas and settlements can guide you through the process, explain everything that is involved and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf. If you want to try for a fair plea deal, get in touch with an expert criminal lawyer for the best results.
  6. They Can Protect You from the Prosecution – When you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney who practices in your local area, he or she will probably be familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the area too. They will know about any weaknesses or tendencies of the legal personnel, but even with unfamiliar ones, they can help to protect you against any improper attempts to get a conviction on the prosecution’s behalf, reach a settlement that is fair to you, and much more.
  7. They Can Examine the Evidence Better than You – Despite the fact that most police officers and legal officials are honest, there may be times an unscrupulous individual tries to destroy or tamper with evidence. A good defense Attorney can protect you from unfair or unethical procedures, fabricated details in police reports and exaggerated witness testimonies too. Professionals are better equipped to uncover the truth, track down records and point out weak or contradictory statements.
  8. They Can Access Other Professionals and Expert Witnesses – When you’re fighting a criminal case, you may need the assistance of other professionals in addition to a lawyer. An experienced attorney who works in the local area will be able to access a vast network of these, including private investigators, medical practitioners, expert witnesses and more. If you try to handle your own defense, you may not be able to find these professionals on your own, or at least not in time for the trial.
  9. They Can Help Keep Your Criminal History Clean – A clean criminal history is essential for anyone who wants to lead a normal life. A criminal defense attorney can help in two ways – the first is if they can help you win the case or have it dismissed, so your record is clear with no conviction, and the second is by appealing for the conviction to be set aside from your record if you don’t win. This can be invaluable when you’re looking for a job, or trying to avoid the social embarrassment caused by a ‘criminal past’.
  10. Many Attorneys Offer an Initial Consultation at no Charge – Any ethical and professional criminal defense Attorney will offer an initial meeting or phone consultation for free. This allows you to explore the options available to you after discussing the case with them, understand their retainer any extra fees for handling the case, as well as legal charges and other costs that may be involved. You can then choose whether to hire them, so get your free consultation as soon as you can.

To boil it down, why should you hire an experienced and qualified lawyer to help defend you and plead your case? Well, unless you have extensive expertise in battling the legal system on your own, it’s the same thing as consulting a doctor to treat a serious medical condition – you wouldn’t want to try it on your own!

If you are facing criminal charges, you need an aggressive and experienced California criminal Attorney on your side, so get in touch with one today.

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