What Factors Can Get Your License Revoked In California? -



What Factors Can Get Your License Revoked In California?

What Factors Can Get Your License Revoked In California?

You probably take it for granted, but your driver’s license is a very crucial document and your lifestyle could be seriously hampered if it is snatched away. For many of us, being able to move around freely is a matter of course and, for some, it is even essential to their livelihood.

Without a license, you would lose that ease of movement and be unable to accomplish many of your everyday tasks.

What Do You Need to Keep in Mind?

For any driver, it is very important to know about actions that can get your driver’s license suspended or, worse, revoked. When you are armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to better avoid such an outcome. Staying safe means staying licensed!

Here are some of the most common factors that can result in losing your license:
  • An Unimpressive Driving Record

    All your ticket violations add up on your driving record. If you’ve violated far too many California traffic rules, the court will declare you an unfit driver and you may find yourself deprived of your license for a period of time.

    Your driving record is a public document, which means it isn’t all that hard for local authorities like the DMV Fresno to find out all the dirty details. Your insurance payment will be affected as well, since insurance companies use your driving record to determine your premium. The more points on your license, the higher the premium you pay.

  • Driving without Proper Insurance

    This is a capital offence in the state of California and local authorities like the Fresno DMV and the DMV Madera CA do not take this crime lightly. Your license can be revoked after the very first incident and your vehicle may even be impounded there and then.

    You won’t be able to drive for a full year if this happens, and even with that suspension, you’ll have to submit authentic proof of insurance to the courts and get it approved. Otherwise, you could face an extended driving suspension of up to 4 years.

  • DUI Charges

    Being convicted of DUI is another easy ticket to losing your driving privileges. If you are charged for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this could mean a suspension of 6 months.

    In addition to paying hefty fines and possible jail time, you’ll even have to enter and complete a DUI program before you get your license reinstated. Hiring a good Fresno DUI attorney can help you get back on the road quicker. However, further DUI violations will cause the period of suspension to extend further, or even permanently.

  • Evading the Authorities

    Deliberating evading a law enforcement officer is a serious offence that instantly paints you as a criminal in the eyes of the law. This violation will result in instant license suspension as well as a one-year mandatory jail sentence.

  • Health Conditions

    If you are suffering from mental or physical condition, it can also get your license revoked as you may be declared medically unfit to drive.

  • Failure to Respond to DMV Notices

    If you fail to respond to a DMV Fresno or DMV Madera CA notice, or do not appear for your court hearing, the court of California may suspend your driving license.

All things considered, it is very important to ensure that your driving record remains spotless. Drive safely at all times, and make sure you do not collect a parking ticket or violate traffic rules. If you get into any trouble and are in need of legal advice and assistance, contact the Fresno Law Men immediately.


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